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Tips for Storing your Fresh Pecans upon receipt:

Cool storage is always best. Freeze for excellent long term storage.

Favorite Pecan Varieties?

All Hauani Creek Ranch Pecan varieties offer excellent flavor, size and succelence. However, if you have a favorite (Pawnee, Kanza, or Caddo), just type it in the order page comment box and we'll try to fulfill your request if avaliable.

We're now closed for the 2014/2015 season. We appeciate your business.

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Our Product
Hauani Creek Ranch sells excellent quality, full size, succulent nuts predominantly grown in southern Oklahoma and northern Texas orchards along beautiful Hauani Creek. These papershell varieties are processed and sold in three ways: 1) whole, in-shell; 2) custom machine cracked; and 3) custom machine preshelled. Customers may choose among varying weight boxes and shipping container options.
Choose items for your online shopping cart and pay with a credit card, or print the order and send with a check, or simply call Hauani Creek Ranch for assistance: 877-688-3276. All shipping is via UPS. To guarantee freshness, all custom cracking or shelling is done the same day as shipping.
Few gifts say “Happy Holidays” better than seasonal gifts of food. Sent with the warmest of wishes and enjoyed among special friends in traditional ways, fresh seasonal pecans make a wonderful, useful, and appreciated gift.
And because they are freshly harvested during the height of traditional holiday cooking season, it is no wonder that holiday foods just don’t seem to be complete without them. So whether you give pecans as gifts to appreciative cooks (who perhaps will share them with you in wonderfully delicious ways), or you just know a gift of pecans sends the perfect holiday message that you care, you’ll want to place your orders early to ensure the season’s best is delivered from you at just the right time.
 We will begin taking orders for the 2015/16 season in October.
Fresh Pecans (Sold in 5, 10, 20, 30 lbs boxes)
in shell
In-Shell Pecans
Pecans in their natural shells. (Approx. 55% nutmeat/wt.)

5 pounds $23.5010 pounds $4520 pounds $8930 pounds $132
Custom Cracked Pecans
Pecans cracked, but no shell removed. (Aprox. 55% nutmeat/wt.)

5 pounds $25.2510 pounds $47.5020 pounds $9430 pounds $139.50

Farm Shelled Pecans
Pecans machine cracked and shelled. Most shells removed, but a very few residual shell pieces can remain due to the machine-only culling process. (Approx. 97% nutmeat/wt.)
5 pounds $4910 pounds $9620 pounds $18930 pounds $280.50

Shelled Native Pecan Halves
Native pecans shelled and hand-cleaned. (All nutmeat)
3 pounds $305 pounds $49
Flavored Pecans (Sold in 1 lb bags)
Roasted & Salted Pecans
Cinnamon Frosted Pecans

Praline Pecans

Milk Chocolate Pecans

Dark Chocolate Pecans

White Chocolate Pecans

Pecan Patties
Sugar Free Milk Chocolate Pecans
Gift Tins
1 lb Dark & Milk Choclolate Pecans
1 lb Dark & White Chocolate Pecans
3 lbs Roasted & Salted Pecans
3 1/2 lbs Cinnamon Frosted Pecans
4 lbs Variety Pack

2 1/2 lbs
Assorted Chocolate Pecans
Gift tin with 3.4 oz Pecan Oil
Gift tin with 3.4 oz pecan oil &

flavored pecans

You can specify one type of
flavored pecans (1/2 lb),
or two types - 1/4 lb of each type.
Pecan Oil
Pecan Oil (3.4 oz /100 ml)

Pecan Oil (8.45 oz /250 ml)
Pecan Oil (16.9 oz /500 ml)

Pecan Oil (35.7 oz /1 liter)


Pecan Oil (1 Gallon /3.785 liter)

Torsion Pecan Cracker